On placing orders

I develop my porcleain in the fall and winter and the pieces are only glazed in May and June. In the summer, I use red stoneware and these pieces are glazed during the summer and early fall. If you are interested in ordering specific pieces, please be aware of my working schedule.   

I will only take orders by credit card, either Mastercard or Visa. In addition to your full mailing address, you will need to send me by email (marksgoldbergg@gmail.com)  your credit card number, date of expiry, and security number.  If the address registered for your credit card differs from your mailing address, please indicate this as well.  

There will be 2 charges to your credit card: one for the purchase of the item, which includes handling charges, and one for postage. The latter will be charged after the items have been sent. Please indicate whether you want the pieces sent by mail (regular or express) or by courier.

Please indicate by name and number which piece(s) you are ordering (e.g., Tripod-1).

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