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I am a part-time potter and ceramicist. My main occupation is Professor in the Department of Medicine, McGill University, in Montreal  I work in the field of environmental health.

I started pottery in the mid- 1970s and worked as a potter for a number of years before I returned to graduate school in 1982. After not doing pottery for  over 30 years, I started making pots in 2010. I built a studio in Nortth Hatley, Quebec, at our country house in Cedar Hill.  I resurrected my old Paul Soldner potter’s wheel, purchased a slab roller, an extruder, and an electric kiln. Spent three years re-developing my skills in making pots and 100s of glaze tests. 

My main type of work is in utilitarian ware. My pots are mostly assymetrical, as I prefer tension to symmetry. Symmetry can be friend or foe, and mixing the two types of forms makes for an interesting body of work.  I am mostly a wheel potter but enjoy making forms by hand, such as  trays and boxes.  I also enjoy making architectural forms, and this is something I am deveoping slowly.

In the summer, I use red stoneware clay  and in the winter I use a type of porcelain clay. 

My glazing is non-standard, making use of spraying layers of glaze onto each other. This was inspired by the work of the sublime American potter, Steven Hill.  I fire in an electric kiln to cone 6, which is around 2200F.

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A recent photo of my wife and I at the North Hately market, summer 2015. Nancy Mayo is a distinguished health scientist at McGill University. We met in graduate school in the earl 1980s. She is my inspiration.


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